Kenny Coppola

Kenny comes from South Lyon, Michigan and is a mechanic in a steel mill. Kenny enjoys all types of racing but especially loves NASCAR and Formula 1. Kenny drives a SVT Focus in real-life and enjoys fishing, hunting, hockey, and soccer! Kenny earned a Loose Lugz Racing League Championship in Season 2 and has earned an Atlanta Road To Pro win!

Nagisa Yoshikawa

Nagisa was born in Chicago and is soon to turn 16 years old. He races karts in real-life and watches as much racing as he can. His goals are to race on the Road To Indy in real-life and his favorite cars are low to medium downforce open wheel racecars such as the Indy Pro 2000, USF2000, and F4. Nagisa currently holds a 4800 road irating and has earned top 10 in the Indy Pro 2000 Championship in the last three seasons! He has 73 wins and 340 top 5s!