Sebastien Kinder

Driver – DSX Series, ESRA Indycar Series, VOR Series

Who is Sebastien?
Born in Paris and living in the small town Servon sur Vilaine. Racing is only virtual for Seb. At a very young age, he got his first F1 game. While racing is in his blood, he never competed until last year on NASCAR Heat in the Replacements Racing League. In November Sebastien made the jump into iRacing where he is now racing on both oval and road. He still races in the RRL, but also competes in ESRA Indycar as a road course ringer and full time in the TNT Dallara X-Treme Series. Seb is also a part of RRL’s endurance team with James Watson and Cullen Johnston and completed the iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring. Sebastien loves watching motorsports such as F1, MotoGP, WEC, NASCAR. He also enjoys playing video games and softball.

His favourite raceway?
Le Mans

Championship(s) he is involved?
Dallara X-Treme Series, Velocity Online Racing, Velocity Online Racing Euro, OWL